12.09.2019 - 15.09.2019 // Paderborn // OWL CHALLENGE 2019




SECOND DAY: FRIDAY DATE: 13/09/2019 TIME 01:50 p.m.
COMPETITION No 1 - Medium Tour CSI3*/CSIU25 B 1m40
Jumping Competition against the clock – international With European Youngster Cup 2019
There will be a separate rating CSIU25 B 

THIRD DAY: SATURDAY DATE: 14/09/2019 TIME 11:30h a.m.
COMPETITION No 2 - Medium Tour CSI3*/CSIU25-B 1m40
Accumulator Jumping competition – international With European Youngster Cup 2019 
There will be a separate rating CSIU25 B 

FOURTH DAY: SUNDAY DATE: 15/09/2019 TIME 10:00h a.m.
COMPETITION No 3 – Final Medium Tour CSI3*/ Grand Prix CSIU25-B 1m45
Jumping Competition with jump-off - international
Competition counts for the European Youngster Cup 2019 
There will be a separate rating – Grand Prix CSIU25 B - without prize-money for
which Longines Raking points group D will be allocated, those riders may be placed twice.
(Counts for the Longines Ranking Class GROUP D)
The EY-Cup-Winner of this competition CSIU25 - that is part of the European Youngster Cup series -
will receive a direct ticket to the series finals held in December 2019 in Salzburg (5.12 – 8.12.2019). 






Platz Punkte Reiter Pferd
126 Klaphake, Laura feiCamalita
224 Reid, Chloe feiSouper Shuttle
322 Osterhoff, Zoe feiElovely
420 Pohl, Nicola feiWalona
518 Stais, Alexa feiErinette V
616 Lill, Maximilian feiD-Cassina
715 Weber, Lara feiDiathago
814 Vogel, Richard feiK Zoom d'Heyboght
913 Kläsener, Christopher feiCornet's Spirit
1012 Hinners, Sophie feiKimmel SCF
1111 Zeyada, Mohamed Taher feiQarat de la Loge
1210 Schulze Niehues, Jan Andre feiSiggie
139 Flücken, Gerrit feiChazetto
148 Mothes, Michelle feiLindgren- P